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Gardening Area

These pictures are the gardening area for Andrew. This is before any preparation has been done to begin planting. It shows two overalls of the area and then the individual rows (or enclosed areas). It also shows the area that will be tilled for additional planting. When it is cleaned up, and planting begins, more pictures will be taken.
Andrew said there is a legend that when the snow has melted off the saddle of the mountain at the south end of Cedar, then you can begin planting your cold crops in the garden.

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G2-Garden Bed





Tunnel Gardening June 24, 2014

Andrew is using a tunnel garden in his raised beds this year. The tunnel garden consists of aluminum tube hoops that arch over the planted area. They are covered with plastic and help to protect the plants and keep the moisture in. Andrew had plastic over the hoops but the wind blew them off. He will be replacing the plastic.

Andrew is using a laser cut plastic drip line irrigation to water his plants. In the first row this system is on the ground. In the two rows that are planted it has been suspended from the top of the hoops. He thought it would act like rain to water the plants but he has not been satisfied with the results so he will be moving them to the ground.

For now he is irrigating his potatoes but they will eventually have a drip line too.
In the two raised beds, Andrew has alternated different tomato plants with different kinds of pepper plants. He has onions on the south end of each bed and zucchini plants on the north end.
The tomato plants are: Celebrity tomatoes, Bush Champion tomatoes, Beefmaster tomatoes and DX5212 tomatoes.
The peppers are: Sweet Banana peppers, Anaheim Chili peppers, Yellow Bell peppers, Poblano Ancho peppers, Yolo Wonder green peppers and Jalapeno peppers.

Overall of hoops

Overall of hoops for tunnel garden

Close up of hoops

Close up of hoops for tunnel garden

Drip Line close up

Close up of connection for drip line

Overall 1st row

Overall of the 1st row of the tunnel garden

Onion close up

Close up of onion planted on the south end of 1st row

Drip line midrange

Mid range of drip line above plants

Close up of suspended drip

Close up of suspended drip line

Midrange Tomatoes and peppers

Midrange showing that tomatoes and pepper are alternated down the planted row.

Close up Celebrity Tomato

Close up of Celebrity tomato plant

Close up Sweet Banana

Close up of Sweet Banana Pepper Plant

Close up Anaheim Chili

Close up of Anaheim Chili pepper plant

Close up Bush Champion

Close up of Bush Champion tomato plant

Close up yellow Belle

Close up of Yellow Belle pepper plant

Close up Zucchini

Close up of Zucchini squash plant. These are planted on the north end of the rows.

Overall 2nd row

Overall of 2nd row of tunnel garden

Close up end row 2

Close up of onions on south end of row 2

Close up Beefmaster

Close up of Beefmaster tomato plant

Close up Poblano

Close up of Poblano Ancho pepper plant

Close up Yolo wonder

Close up of Yolo Wonder green pepper plant

Close up DX5212

Close up of DX5212 Tomato plant

Close up Jalapeno

Close up of Jalapeno pepper plant

Over all potatoes

Over all of potatoes in the lower garden area

Close up potato

Close up of potato plants