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Compost Information

Composting Mini Eco System

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Compost Result

This is a picture of the compost that is a result of the worm farm. This will be used when tomatoes etc. are planted in the garden beds. As it becomes ready she stores it in a 5 gallon plastic bucket.

Composting in raised beds

Janette is also doing some composting in her garden raised beds. She has put shredded 100% cotton denim, newspapers, grass clippings, leaves, and rabbit manure etc. in these raised bed areas and is letting them decompose to make the bed soil richer. This is showing some of the denim.

Shredded paper in raised bed

Showing shredded paper in the raised beds.

Rabbit manure with shredded paper

Showing rabbit manure with shredded paper in raised beds.

Use rabbits for manure

Rabbit for producing manure. Among other things the rabbits are fed many of the weeds from the yard.

Rabbit for producing manure

Rabbit for producing manure.

Composting containers

Richard has several containers that he uses to make compost to use on the garden. These are old garbage cans that he has gotten from Enoch City. He cuts them in two, keeping them 3 to 4 feet high, and then uses the top part with the lid for his container. This way there is no bottom to retain moisture in the compost. (He wants it dry) Throughout the summer he layers his lawn clippings, old turkey manure, year old leaves, and old bagged manure. He mixes them together. No water is added. This is transferred to the mound or planting areas as needed.

Compost Bin

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

If you check with Enoch City they may have some old garbage cans you can get from them.