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Warming Soil

Wall O’ Water Season Extenders

To warm and prepare areas for earlier planting, Don sets up his Wall o Waters.

  • To begin, set up a 5 gallon bucket and open a Wall o Water around the outside of the bucket.
  • Open each of the cells in the Wall o Water and fill them ½ to ¾ full.
  • Place in the garden area where you want to help warm up the soil for planting. Spread the bottom area in a wide circle and pull the top of the cells together to close off the top.
  • It will take approximately a couple of weeks for the ground to get warm enough then he will plant his peppers inside the Wall o Waters.
  • As the plants begin to grow, fill the cells in the Wall o Waters up the rest of the way and open the top up.
  • These Wall o Waters can be reused for 6 to 10 years. The red ones are supposedly better than the green ones; however, he doesn’t know for sure if this is true.

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set up

Using 5 Gallon bucket for setup.

Beginning Wall o Water with 5 gal bucket

Beginning Wall o Water with 5 gal bucket

Opening cells on Wall o Water

Opening cells on Wall o Water

Overall shot of Wall o Water

Overall of Wall o Water used to warm soil for planting.

Soil Thermometer up close

Soil Thermometer up close

Black Plastic

Don places black plastic over the areas where he will be planting. The entire raised bed is covered with plastic where he will be planting things like tomatoes etc. This enables him to plant some of his vegetables earlier. Smaller squares of plastic are placed where seeds will be planted.

Don has a soil thermometer that he uses to keep an eye on the soil temperature.

Black Plastic Earlier Planting

Plastic being used to warm soil for earlier planting

Plastic warming spot

Plastic warming spot where seeds will be planted.

Soil Thermometer

Soil Thermometer

Brown Plastic Experiment

Don experimented with a brown plastic where the cucumbers would be planted to see if it works as well to warm the soil as the black. They found that the brown plastic left the ground 5 degrees colder than the black plastic, so they removed all the brown plastic from his garden.