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Tomato Planting

Elisha has raised beds in her garden. The cinder blocks form the walls and they are filled with compost, peat moss and vermiculite.

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Digging a hole

Elisha digs a hole with the shovel, making sure it is several inches deep.

Dirt is moved up to the sides of the hole.

Dirt is moved up to the sides of the hole.

Placing single tomato plant

Individual tomato plant is placed at the bottom of the hole and dirt is pulled in around the plant to cover the root base and lower part of the stem.

plant low in hole

Completion of pulling in dirt. Note that plant is still low in the hole.

pouring water around plant

Water is carefully poured in around the plant to give it moisture and to soak into the soil around the roots.

empty milk carton used to cover plant

An empty milk carton, with the bottom cut out, is then placed over the tomato plant. This will act like a wall-o-water to protect the plant as it begins growing in the cooler periods of time.

Dirt covers most of the milk carton

The dirt is then pulled into the hole to cover the majority of the milk jug to help to insulate it.

soil is even with surrounding dirt

This completes the hole and brings the soil up even with the surrounding dirt. Only the top of the jug is still exposed.

overview of all tomato plants

Overall photo of the tomato planting area showing where each tomato plant is.

As the weather get warmer, and the plants grow larger, the milk jugs will be replaced with buckets to protect the plants from the wind.

Photos taken 04/16/2014